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January 20, 2010 | Visits(1973)
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Meet Matthew

Meet Matthew

The first cabbage roll dinner of 2010, at St. Nicholas Church, Barberton, was served with a special purpose. The funds raised from this dinner were donated to the family of two year old Matthew, son of parishioners Patty and Dan Martin.

Matthew was born with a rare genetic disorder called 9p deletion syndrome, and also with several other genetic anomalies. This is a genetic condition reported to occur in 1 : 50,000 newborn babies of whom one third are boys. A chromosome 9p deletion happens when there is a missing copy of part of the genetic material that makes up this (one) of the body's 46 chromosomes. Matthew also has Sandifer's syndrome. This causes severe reflux with seizure like activity and torticollis. He is in the process of learning sign language, since speech onset is late in this syndrome.

Currently, Matthew minimally qualifies for help from the Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps, a state run program that contributes a small amount of money for medications, therapy and doctor appointments. Dan's work has severely slowed due to the economy, while Patty, a registered nurse is only able to work up to 2 days a week in an on-call situation. They also have one daughter, seven year old Jessica.

In making ends meet, they have sold what they can, and now have their house and family truck up for sale. As Matthew's medical expenses continue to accumulate, greater difficulties are faced.

Patty and Dan, and their family of St. Nicholas parishioners would like to express our sincerest thanks to those who have already heard of their situation, and have kindly given a donation to help ease their plight.

If you would also be moved to help, your donation may be addressed to Matthew Martin,  c/o St. Nicholas Church, 1051 Robinson Ave., Barberton, Ohio, 44203. Thank you for your kindness in reading this appeal.


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