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July 12, 2015 | Visits(3083)
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Mariapoch - Parish Pilgrimage

Mariapoch - Parish Pilgrimage

Over 90 pilgrims from St. Nicholas, Barberton, journeyed to the Shrine of Our Lady of Maria Poc, to pray to our Blessed Mother, in supplication for the start of the centennial year of the church’s founding. With Bishop John in attendance, their pastor, the Rev. Miron Kerul’-Kmec celebrated the 3:30 pm Divine Liturgy on Sunday, July 12.  As our founders did in July of 1916, the parish agreed that it was fitting to start this year by praying for God’s blessing, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, giving cause for this year of celebration to be a fruitful renewal. Ninety-nine years later, we are anxious to display the same fervor and trust in God as our ancestors did. Through this year of celebration, we hope to enrich, and draw the parish through our Byzantine faith, into a deeper relationship with Him, and each other, as a united family.


Many activities are being planned throughout the year. Special among them are two special Divine Liturgies. One liturgy, planned for November, will invite all those who have been baptized since the congregation moved to their new church building on the occasion of the 50th jubilee in 1966. The other liturgy will invite all those who have been married at St. Nicholas at the Robinson Ave. location. A parish retreat in January 2016, will set the course for renewal and celebration, culminating in a grand day of prayer, good food, and fellowship in July 2016.


By James Senderak


Photos: www.facebook.com/media/set/

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