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February 23, 2012 | Visits(1907)
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The Great Fast Talks 1

The Great Fast Talks 1

A wonderful group of over 50 people, representing the 4 Byzantine Catholic Churches in the greater Barberton area, St. Joseph Melkite, Holy Ghost Ukrainian, St. Michael and St. Nicholas, gathered Feb. 23, at the St. George Cultural Center for the Third Thursday Lecture Series.  Renowned speaker, Archimandrite Damon Geiger, presented a talk on the doctrine of Theosis.

In his lecture, Fr. Damon, reminded us that using our full three dimensions of spirit, soul and body, we are called to be stewards, prophets, and priests of the creation that God has given us.  His lecture was very full and comprehensive of the Eastern understanding of the divinization of man. Through the ease of his explanation, the speaker developed a better understanding for us, of the affirmation of the church fathers statement, "God became man so that man can become God."

Presented as a special Lenten series, all are invited to a complimenting talk next Thursday, March 1, at 7:00 pm.  Fr. Damon will bring light to the thought- OK, how do I "get into" the process of Theosis, and what makes it work?

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