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Luke 18:18-27

Luke 18:18-27

Some of us are satisfied to buy our religion on the installment plan paying for it a little at a time as we grow older.

We are interested in the Christian way, but we want to wait a while before we invest too much of our living in it. We cling to our comfortable worldliness, letting it go reluctantly as the desperation of age forces us to let go.

And we become satisfied with that kind of living.

THE RICH YOUNG RULER (Luke 18:25) has come in for more than his share of censure, perhaps, but he is such a typical am glittering example that we can hardly disregard him. He had a bargain religion. He kept all the Commandments — but how mud did his faith cost him?

He honored his parents; they had always given him everything he asked for.

He kept the Sabbath; he didn't have to work on any day of the week.

He didn't covet. Why should he? He had everything.

He didn't kill or steal; he was socially and financially secure.

But when Jesus asked him to forget his social security and think of social service, the rich young ruler didn't want any. Jesus wouldn’t cut the price even for him, so he went away sorrowing.

SOONER OR LATER, everyone of us will come up against the price tag on his faith.

When that happens, we are going to discover that the cost of our religion is high — higher, perhaps, than we ever dreamed. If we reap the fruits of Christ's ministry, we will have to pay the price, just as He had to pay a price!

There isn't anything easy about being a Christian! There never will be!

We cannot water down our faith for weaklings. All we can do is assure them that they will receive full value for everything they put into it, the value of security and promise that is needed so much in these hectic days of dismal shopping for a faith that will hold us steady, a faith to keep us free, a peace that Jesus called the peace that passes understanding.

What shall you give for the Church of Christ?

Jesus bought it with His life.

It cost Him everything in the world.

That was the price — no bargain!

It hasn't been marked down any since that night in Gethsemane!

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Luke 18:18-27 
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