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Take Off Your Shoes

Take Off Your Shoes

In the well-known Biblical passage, Moses sees the burning bush, and the presence of God calls out to him, “Take off your shoes, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground” (Exodus 3:5). All of spiritual life is an effort to take off our shoes in the presence of God. When you stand at the kitchen stove, that is an altar. When you are teaching at school, that is an altar. When a mother or father gets up at 3 AM to respond to a crying infant, that is an altar. When you are doing your homework, that is an altar. When you are bathing your infant, that is an altar. When you are cooking a meal for your family, that is an altar. We do not lock Jesus in Church when we leave for home; we take him with us. We leave church to celebrate “the liturgy after the liturgy.” All of life can be spiritual, filled with the Spirit of God, permeated with God’s presence and glory.
Every action of the Christian should be a spiritual act, inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit. Spirituality is in effect, opening all of life to God. It can be described biblically as “being holy as God is holy”, “seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,” “putting on Christ,” “being filled with all the fullness of God.” St. Seraphim of Sarov taught that the “true Christian life” is to be “clothed with the Holy Spirit.” To live is “to be in the fullness of the Spirit.”
In Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s extensively reported and famous sermon to America, delivered in 1978 at Harvard University, he said, “We have placed too much hope in politics and social reforms, only to find out that we were being deprived of our most precious possession: our spiritual life. It is trampled by the party mob in the East, by the commercial one in the West.” This is the spirituality the world needs today for its redemption.

Coniaris, Anthony M.; Harakas, Stanley S. (1998-01-01). Philokalia: The Bible of Orthodox Spirituality (Kindle Locations 895-942). Light & Life Publishing Company: www.light-n-life.com.



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