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Luke 5: 1-11

Luke presents us with Jesus' call to follow Him to be a disciple. All of us are called to follow Jesus and the beginnings of what that means in daily life are pointed out here. The men who chose to accept Jesus' invitation had heard him preach (v. 1) and had experienced Him teaching in a special way. He did not teach by quoting authorities nor did He merely convey information. Rather, what attracted people to Him was his ability to draw forth from their religious heritage (what we call the Old Testament) the fullest implications of its meaning. This is what is meant by the biblical phrase "to fulfill the law." The crowds, the gospel tells us, remarked that "this man speaks as no other man has spoken." Since these men had some familiarity with Jesus He gets in one of their boats N. 3) - they seem to be open to his words.

Yet when He tells them to "put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch" Simon objects that it would be useless since they had been at work all night N. 5), but he acts on Jesus' word nevertheless. This is extremely important for Luke is conveying to us that the step one must take after hearing the word of Jesus is to ACT upon it - to OBEY it! It is a question of the willingness to listen to another and TRUST that one.

The men enclose a great number of fish N. 6) and realize they cannot handle the catch alone and need help and beckon to their companions N. 7). Both boats are filled to the point of sinking! Luke is pointing out how abundant are the blessings for those who obey the word, however awkward or odd the obedience may seem!

This experience becomes the occasion of the call of the fishermen to become disciples. To be a disciple of Jesus one must first realize like Peter N. 8) that one is a sinner and is unworthy of the call!

Not only are these men called to follow Jesus. They receive a promise - they will catch men W. 10). This fulfills a prophecy of Jeremiah that the fullness of time had come - the Messiah had arrived and would call ALL the nations together in salvation just as all kinds of fish are gathered into a net.

Their response to call is a humble obedience They left EVERYTHING. The willingness to let go of earthly securities for heavenly ones is absolutely necessary in h us Discipleship is a fulltime occupation. It asks the best of our efforts in using God's gifts.




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