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Mark 8:34-9:1

Do you see the cause of the Crucifixion, and the salvation which comes by it? Do you see the relationship of the type to the reality? There the Jews escaped death, but only the temporal; here believers escape eternal death. There the hanging serpent healed the bites of serpents; here the crucified Jesus cured the wounds inflicted by the spiritual dragon. There he who looked with his bodily eyes was healed; here he who beholds with the eyes of his understanding put off all his sins. There that which hung was brass fashioned into the likeness of a serpent; here it was the Lord's Body, built by the Spirit. There a serpent bit and a serpent healed; here death destroyed and a Death saved ...But the Lord's Death was free from all sin, 'neither was guile found in His mouth' (I Peter 2:22) ...For as some noble champion by lifting on high and dashing down, his antagonist, renders his victory more glorious, so Christ, in the sight of all the world, cast down the adverse powers, and ...delivered them from all venomous beasts that vexed them, by being hung upon the Cross ...Here Christ speaks concisely, be­cause His discourse was directed to Nicodemus, but still in a more sig­nificant manner ...He shows the great strength of His love ...He, the immor­tal, who is without beginning, the Infinite Majesty, they but dust and ashes, full of ten thousand sins, who, ungrateful, have at all times offended Him;

and these He 'loved' ...He 'gave His Only-begotten Son,' not a servant, not an angel, not an archangel. And yet no one would show such anxiety for his own child, as God did for His ungrateful servant ...He who gives life to others, much more to Himself does He well forth life ...He calls the Cross the fountain of life, which reason cannot easily allow, as the heathens now by their mocking testify. But faith, which goes beyond the weakness of reasonings, may easily receive and retain it.    & #160;   &# 160;    60;    0; St. John Chrysostom. Homily XXVII on John III, 1





Mark 8:34-9:1 
Mark 8:34-9:1 
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