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Pentecost Sunday

"But the fruits of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control." Galatians 5:22


You emptied Yourself, O Jesus, our incarnate Lord, and took on the form of a servant. Though You knew no sin, You suffered in the flesh and were crucified to raise us up to heights of heaven. You rescued us out of the pit of hell, because of Your deep love and kindness toward the human race. You accomplished all this because You could not bear to see the work of Your Hands suffer eternal punishment. Therefore, You broke down the iron gates of Hades to release those held there as prisoners. Only You could accomplish such a task because the powers of darkness fear and tremble at Your presence. You put the devil himself in chains never again to rob us of our eternal destiny in heaven. All kindness comes from You, O Source of Life. O Lord, as we have put our hope in You, hear us and have mercy.


Lord Jesus Christ, You are most good and perfect. While You were with us on earth, You showed us the way into the Kingdom of heaven. You opened Paradise to the penitent thief, and granted resurrection to those who have fallen. Help us to know what is good and right and how to pursue it. May our lives be truly reflective of what it means to be called a "Christian." Enable us to follow the Gospel, regardless of the time or circumstance. Let our lives be a healing unction on those we meet this day. Let Your mercy and goodness follow us all the days of our lives. We acknowledge our sinfulness before You, O Fountain of Life, and ask You now to hear our prayer and have mercy on us.


O Lord Jesus, most compassionate, You assumed our flesh and took away the sins of the world. How shall we ever repay You for the goodness that You have shown in our lives? Our actions do not show You proper reverence. Your majesty encompasses the universe, yet we do not let the grace of Your healing power enter the very core of our being. Teach us to be faithful to Your teachings. Inspire us to trust in You with all our heart. Let Your divine love fill every void within us. Allow us to be faithful to Your commandments as we receive Your most-pure Body and precious Blood with a pure conscience. Help us to be true and faithful servants all the days of our lives. O Lord, our Life and Goodness, hear us, who pray to You, and have mercy.


O Jesus, meek and mild, even though we continue to sin and backslide, You are most patient toward us. Yet, You do not desire our death, but wait for our conversion, that we may have life. Let Your good Spirit enable us to be gentle toward all people. Help us to respect others regardless of any differences that we may have with them. May our example serve as a way for others to find salvation in You, our Lord and Maker. As a father is loving toward their children, so, too, You are full of love for the human race. Your love is limitless. Your kindness is manifold. Your mercy is accessible to all sinners. O Lord, hear the prayers of Your servants and have mercy.


O Master, Jesus Christ my God, You became man in order to raise us up to the heights of heaven. You took upon yourself our entire human nature with the sole exception of sin. Grant us the grace to control our earthly passions and to offer ourselves completely to You. Satisfy our inner desire to know You more fully. If we should fall into sin, may we never hurt others or drive them away from You because of our sinfulness. May we never fall into despair because of our actions, but, let the power of Your precious Cross assist and support us as we continue on the road of life. Fill us with Your life-giving Spirit. Bless us with temperance and self-control. Strengthen us in time of need. Let the fire of Your love dwell with our souls. O Lord, receive the supplications of Your servants who are praying to You, and have mercy on us.

Fr.Raymond Mastroberte





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