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Myrrh Bearing Women Sunday,

The Second Sunday after Easter is dedicated to the memory of seven of the most dedicated and courageous women of the New Testament. We know a great deal about the Twelve Apostles of Christ, but we know very little about the Myrrh-Bearing Women who were devoted to Christ equally as much as the Apostles themselves. They were with Jesus as He preached the message of Salvation. They were with Him when He was taken down from Calvary. It was these women who came to anoint His Sacred Body and prepare it for burial. This is why the Church refers to them as the "Myrrh-Bearing Women. Who were they?


1. Mary Magdalene, (Her feast day is celebrated on July 22nd). This remarkable woman is the most famous of the Myrrh-Bearing Women of the New Testament. If you remember, it was she whom our Blessed Lord healed of a terrible illness which Holy Scripture describes as "being possessed by seven demons." Holy Tradition tells us that after the Resurrection and Ascension of Christ, Mary Magdalene journeyed to Rome and convinced Emperor Tiberius that both Pontius Pilate and the archpriests of Jerusalem should be punished for their participation in the crucifixion of Christ. She later lived on the Greek island of Ephesus in the Christian community founded by St. John the Evangelist. Although she died on the island, her remains were eventually taken to the ancient of Constantinople.


2. Salome, the mother of James and John. the sons of Zebedee (her feast day is celebrated on August 3rd). Salome was a very saintly woman who loved Jesus very much. Her great love was shared by her two famous sons, James and John, two of the original Twelve Apostles of Christ. Tradition tells us that Salome enjoyed a very close relationship with the family of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She remained devoted to Mary after the Ascension of Christ.


3. Mary, the Mother of James and Joses, the wife of Cleophas (her feast day is celebrated on May 23rd). Very little is recorded concerning her life: however, she devoted many years in the service of our Lord.


4. Joanna, the wife of Chuza, Herod Antipas' steward (her feast day is celebrated on June 27th). Joanna first heard of the coming of Christ during His first visit to the temple in Jerusalem. She became a true believer and assisted the Apostles during their first years as leaders of the new Faith. She was a woman of great courage.


5. Susanna, (her feast day is celebrated on the Sunday of the Forefathers, which falls on the Sunday before Christmas). Susanna was a close friend of Mary Magdalene and 'was constantly by her side during her affliction. Susanna remained with the Apostles of Christ and shared in the work of spreading the message of salvation. She assisted with the serving of the "Communion Suppers" and administering to the sick and the aged.


6 & 7. Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus - (feast day, June 4tb). Our Blessed Lord was very fond of Lazarus, and an many occasions He visited his home In Bethany. The sisters of Lazarus, Mary and Martha, became followers of Christ and dedicated their lives to Him. After the miracle of the "Resurrection of Lazarus" by Jesus Christ, Mary and Martha returned with Jesus and His Apostles. They devoted their lives to the spreading of the new Faith. These are the famous "Seven Myrrh-Searing Women" of the New Testament. These glorious ladies of the Church remained steadfast in their faith and brought glory to the Church of Christ. The Fathers of the Church consider them "equal to the Apostles."


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