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“Pascha, the Pascha of the Lord!” By His Resurrection, the Lord has brought us from death to life, and that Resurrection the “Angels in Heaven cry,” [for they have] seen the light of deified human nature in fore-ordained glory in the person of our Lord and Redeemer, in Whose Image and through the power of Whose Resurrection, all true believers in Him, all who have united with Him with all their souls, are transformed. Glory, O Lord, to Thy Most-glorious Resurrection! The Angels sing, rejoicing together with us and foreseeing the swelling of their ranks. O Lord, make us worthy, to hymn Thee, the Resurrected One, with pure hearts, seeing in Thy Resurrection the cessation of our corruption, the seeds of a new resplendent life and the dawn of coming eternal glory whose forerunner Thou becamest, being resurrected for our sake. The tongues of neither men nor angels are capable of expressing Thy ineffable mercy toward us, O most-gloriously Resurrected Lord!

Bishop Theophanes the Recluse


Christ’s Resurrection became life and healing from passions for those who believe on Him, that they might live in God and bring forth the fruits of truth.

Venerable Abba Isaiah


On this Great Day, Christ is called from among the dead which he had emulated. On this day he repelled death’s sting, laid low the gloomy confines of hell, and granted freedom to the souls. On this day, risen from the tomb, He appeared to people for whom he had been born, had died, and been awakened from the dead, so that we, having been reborn and escaped death, might be resurrected with Him, the Resurrected One. On this bright glorious and great day, the angelic hosts, filled with joy, sing a song of victory.

Holy Hierarch Gregory the Theologian


For I know that after His resurrection also, He was still possessed of flesh. And I believe that He is so now. Ignatius (c. 105, E), 1.87.


The remainder of the Psalm makes it clear that Christ knew His Father would grant to Him all things that He asked and that His Father would raise Him from the dead. Justin Martyr (c. 160, E), 1.252.


You will also allow that it was in the flesh that Christ was raised from the dead. For the very same body that fell in death, and which lay in the sepulcher, did rise again. Tertullian (c. 197, W), 3.581.

We profess our belief that [the flesh of Christ] is sitting at the right hand of the Father in heaven. And we further declare that it will come again from there in all the grandeur of the Father's glory. It is, therefore, just as impossible for us to say that [his flesh was abolished, as it is for us to maintain that it was sinful. Tertullian (c. 2-10, W), 3.535.

Jesus is still sitting there at the right hand of the Father—man, yet God. He is the last Adam; yet, He is also the original Word. He is flesh and blood, yet His body is purer than ours. Tertullian (c. 210, W), 3.584.

His resurrection is more miraculous than that of the others in this one respect: The others had been raised by the prophets Elijah and Elisha. However, He was raised by none of the proph­ets, but by His Father in heaven. Origen (c. 248, E), 4.455.

 After His resurrection, Christ existed in an intermediate body, as it were. For it was some­where between the physicalness of the body He had before his sufferings and the appearance of a soul uncovered by such a body. It was for this reason that when His disciples were together and Thomas was with them, Jesus came and stood in their midst, even though the doors were shut. . . . And in the Gospel of Luke also, while Simon and Cleopas were conversing with each other concerning all that had happened to them, Jesus "drew near and went with them." ... And when their eyes were opened and they knew Him, then the Scripture says, in express words, "And He vanished out of their sight." Origen (c. 248, E), 4.456.


On the third day, He freely rose again from the dead. He appeared to His disciples as He had been. . . . However, He tarried for forty days, so that they might be instructed by Him in the precepts of life and so that they might learn what they were to teach. Then, in a cloud spread around Him, He was lifted up into heaven—so that as a conqueror, He might bring man to the Father. For Christ loved man. He became man, and He shielded man from death. Cyprian (c. 250, W), 5.468.


 The allegation that they sometimes make against us is that, if we pass the moon's four­teenth, we cannot celebrate the beginning of the Paschal feast in light. However, . . . they cannot deny that it should be extended to the sixteenth and seventeenth, which coincide with the day on which the Lord rose from the dead. Anatolius (c. 270, E), 6.149.


  When He was risen from the dead, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James. He then appeared to Cleopas on the way. After that, He appeared to His dis­ciples. Apostolic Constitutions (compiled c. 390, E), 7.445.


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